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12 Volt PWM Dimmer RV Boat Light Dimming Switch Recessed Mount Stainless Push Button Dimmer Switch for Custom Panel or Cabinet Mount 19mm Drill Hole

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Smooth PWM Dimming - Adopt high energy efficiency PWM dimming, 3 - 100% infinitely variable dimming, current rated 6A

Easy to Use - Reliable push button, short press to control light on/off, longer press to adjust the brightness to desired level

Memory Function - The light will keep the same status ( including on/off states and brightness) as last setting when power is applied

Stainless Enclosure - Made of stainless housing and copper screw nut for perfect anti-corrosion, water-resistant design

Recessed Mount - Drill a 3/4” (19mm) hole on cabinet or custom control panel, dimmer flush with mounting surface, very sleek and clean

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