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Acegoo Dimmable Reading Light Gooseneck LED Task Light Minimalist Directional Light Light Headboard/Wall Surface Mount Matte Black

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  • FOCUSED ILLUMINATION - Narrow beam produces a footprint lighting area on your reading page without lighting up whole room, don't disturb your partner
  • DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING - Flexible gooseneck point the light directly to working area. It also enhance lighting intensity for your working areas
  • TOUCH DIMMER SWITCH - Simple touch lamp holder base switch to turn on or turn off light, touch and hold switch to adjust light to your preference lighting intensity
  • COMFORTABLE SOFT LIGHT - Warm light gives a cozy feeling, it stimulates your eyes to relax more easily compared to cool white light
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN LAMP - Surface mount gives you a clean and neat surrounding. Connects lamp to adapter to start work. UL Listed adapter included

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