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Acegoo Wireless Lights Switch Kit - Self-Powered Battery Free Transmitter with Receiver Remote Control House Lighting & Appliances (Switch, Receiver Included) 10A

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  • No Wiring Switch - Innovative energy harvesting technology, press switch to produce electricity. Wireless battery-free switch can be installed wherever without running additional wires, also used as portable switch

  • Flexible Coding - Easy to setup wireless communication between switch and receiver. You can have a switch control multiple lights or multiple switches control a light, like 3-way, 4-way, multi-ways switch

  • Compact Receiver -Small size receiver(connect to lights or other loads) fits limited space, such as electrical junction box, lights canopy, recessed box, existing switch box(neutral wire required), hidden in ceiling or surface mounting, etc

  • Secure Wireless Signal - Encrypted wireless signal, can go through walls, no signal interference problems, unique communication code between switch and receiver. Outdoor up to 260 ft transmission distance, 100 ft indoor using

  • Long warranty - 3 years warranty, 20 years lifespan. 

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