About us

Since 2015, we have been pioneers in RV lighting solutions. Our brand was born from a passion for freedom, exploration, and a love for beauty. We are not just a lighting company. We are the illuminators of dreams.

We understand that the RV lifestyle represents a love for nature and an unwavering pursuit of detail. This is the driving force behind our brand, and we steadfastly adhere to excellence, reliability, and innovation as our cornerstones.

Our team of designers and engineers are able to develop custom RV lighting solutions specifically to meet the requirements of your projects. Our product range is continually expanding as the result of demand by the market and at the request of our clients.

Acegoo intent to provide energy savings and solutions that are environmentally sound when using our low energy consuming RV LED products. We continually research, design and develop products which will assist consumers to use less power. This in turn we trust will assist in reducing our carbon footprint and lessen its effects on our world.

Any question or customer service issues, please contact: info@acegoo.com